Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Festival begins at 4pm each day with music to begin around 6 or so.
Check back for final lineup times, film screenings, record swap, and art events.
Keep in mind that parking is limited to one side of the street. Try to carpool, bike ride, or take the train (exit Lincoln Heights/Cypress Park Station from the Gold Line).

Here's a map of the location

(subject to alterations)

Saturday June 21
Farflung (meteor city) 10 pm

Hookah 8:30pm
Dirty Branchez 7pm
Oscillator 6:00 pm

Sunday June 22:
Supercreep (human ear music) 10pm
(human ear music) 9pm
Native Fauna 8pm
The Spires (beehouse) 7pm
Landie 6pm

Here's a map


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